This week we look at the following items:

  • Colorado reports disappointing results from tattletale use tax law
  • Oklahoma enacts a second tattletale use tax law
  • IRS grants relief for last minute change in HSA maximum contribution amount for 2018
  • Volunteers who divided amounts in tip jar at end of shift received tips subject to FICA
  • Taxpayer who failed to check and find return was never accepted held liable for late filing penalty

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This week we look at the following items:

  • IRS computer system failure ends up adding one extra day to tax season
  • The Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the Wayfair case
  • IRS gives details on blended rates to be used by fiscal year C corporations
  • IRS issues the rates for valuing employer owned aircraft trips for the first half of 2018
  • The IRS clarifies how the repeal of the special alimony trust provision in TCJA will work
  • The AICPA asks the IRS to reconsider its position on refunds of overpayments for those with remaining 965 transition tax installments

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This week we look at the following developments:

  • Supreme Court will shortly hear oral arguments in Wayfair case
  • A number of states increase pressure on out of state sellers
    • Idaho requires collection at $10,000 of sale from any seller that the Supreme Court doesn’t tell us lacks nexus in Wayfair
    • Georgia adds a $200,000/200 transaction tattletale statute
    • Oklahoma puts a $10,000 tattletale statute in place that also impacts referrers
  • New York passes two TJCA SALT limitation workaround statutes - but do they work?
  • IRS issues guidance on three TCJA topics on Monday, including 43 pages on Section 965 transition tax

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