This week we look at:

  • Reported IRS backlog of unanswered letters that arrived during the shutdown

  • IRS publishes information on impact of shutdown on matters before the Tax Court

  • W-2 wages Revenue Procedure made final at same time §199A final regulations come out

  • More thoughts on the §199A final regulations

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This week we look at:

  • New York State Publishes Its Wayfair Guidance, Demanding Immediate Compliance
  • Trust Case Going to US Supreme Court
  • Sequestration Does Not Apply to Minimum Tax Credit
  • Proposed Safe Harbor for Rental as a Trade or Business Under §199A
  • Final Regulations Are Out - §965 and, the Big One, §199A
  • IRS Grants Limited Waiver of Underpayment Penalties

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This week we look at:

  • IRS reopens IVES and user-fees based programs

  • Advisers need to be sure to check syndicate rules to assure entity not subject to §163(j) rules

  • Treat of realtors revised in second draft version of portion of Publication 535

  • Filing season to start January 28, refunds are going to be issued

  • Address to file gift tax returns has changed, estate tax return address to change in July

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This week's developments:

  • IRS Notice gives guidance to tax-exempt organizations on excess compensation tax

  • Outgoing W&M Chairman publishes discussion paper on TCJA technical corrections

  • §199A final regulations still sitting at OIRA

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