This week we look at:

  • More BOI resources from CAMICO made available by NJCPA
  • District Court refuses to stay FBAR proceeding to await Tax Court result partially due to the age of the taxpayer
  • IRS announces program to go after corporate jet personal usage
  • The state of Arizona sues the IRS over tax status of state tax rebate.
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This week we look at:

  • Insurers updating their advice on BOI engagements
  • SALT cap 2023 increase bill fails on a procedural vote in the House
  • Jury finds taxpayer did not willfully fail to file FBAR reports
  • IRS takes position third party payors liable for ERC refund repayment in addition to common law employers
  • IRS sending out CP271 “soft letters” to those with open ERC refund claims
  • S corporation has a failure of 9 trusts receiving shares from decedent Taxpayer unsuccessfully argues she only should pay taxes on social security actually received
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This week we look at

  • No movement on tax bills this week - nor is final action at all likely to take place before March
  • E-Filing returns - good or bad idea? Two competing articles published this week
  • Taxpayer owes tax on IRA forfeited to government as part of criminal conviction
  • IRS discusses when CID voluntary disclosure program should be used instead of ERC voluntary disclosure program
  • IRS warns about EFIN scam emails
  • Taxpayer found to have submitted a late new refund claim rather than a revision to a timely filed informal claim
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This week we look at:

  • Bipartisan extender bill is passed by the House, but faces uncertain future in the Senate
  • A limited, single-year SALT cap relief bill will be brought to the House floor as part of the compromise to pass the bipartisan bill
  • Tax filing season for 2023 return begins this week
  • A cautionary tale about phishing being used to obtain client tax information
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