This week we look at:

  • Virtual currency guidance promised by IRS Commissioner

  • HSA numbers for 2020 released by IRS

  • Auto depreciation limits for 2019 released by IRS

  • House passes retirement reform bill, would drastically cut back on the use of stretch IRAs

  • Assistant US Attorney warns preparers about criminal exposure when they don’t raise enough issues about loans

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This week we look at:

  • Review Wolters Kluwer IRS response and other issues

  • IRS releases a new worksheet for computing tax when there are 25% or 28% gains

  • Tax Court finds IRS did not have authority to find Medicare difficulty payments nontaxable in Notice 2014-7

  • CA10 agrees with Tax Court that S corporation cannot accrue wages on participants

  • Taxpayer materially participated in activity under facts and circumstances test

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This week we look at:

  • Wolters Kluwer CCH systems suddenly taken offline due to malware issue

  • GAO criticizes security of e-file providers and software developers

  • IRS updates maximum vehicle values for cents-per-mile and FAVR

  • IRS clarifies redemptions treated as dividends taxation when paid during post-termination transition period

  • Deduction for Connecticut estate taxes must be reduced by portion allocable to state’s gift taxes added back paid in 3 prior years

  • My boss ordered me to do it doesn’t work for trust fund penalty even when the boss is an agent of a federal agency

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Current Federal Tax Developments for the week of May 6, 2019: Fragile: Handle with Care - S Corporations

  • Taxpayer’s marriage forces repayment of advance PTC, unfairness is not a defense

  • State tax refundable credit in excess of taxes is taxable income to taxpayer

  • IRS expands determination letter to cover a limited number of existing plans

  • LLC operating agreement adoption terminates S election

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