This week we look at:

  • IRS announces a three month Employee Retention Credit Voluntary Disclosure Program
  • IRS provides relief from failure-to-pay penalties for 2021 and 2020 taxes for certain situations
  • Taxpayer uses the wrong FedEx service, therefore his Tax Court petition was not filed on time
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This week we look at:

  • FinCEN adds more information to FAQ page, including information on PDF form
  • Bill passes House that would give a limited extension of time for some initial BOI reports to be filed
  • IRS releases mileage rates for 2024
  • Supreme Court agrees to hear estate tax valuation case to resolve split in the Circuits
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This week we look at:

  • IRS sends out a batch of 20,000 ERC rejection letters
  • Employer files suit claiming IRS ERC guidance violated the Administrative Procedures Act
  • SCOTUS hears oral arguments in the Moore case
  • Draft K-2/K-3 instructions are published with no major changes to the domestic filing exception for 2023
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This week we look at:

  • FinCEN finalizes extension of due date for initial BOI reports for entities created in 2024
  • Tax Court rules that a state law limited partner is not automatically covered by IRC §1402(a)(13) self-employment tax exemption
  • OPR due diligence alert on FBAR
  • Annual business MeF shutdown date announced
  • IRS denies request for automatic accounting method change late election relief
  • Tax Court finds that if date to file a Tax Court petition falls on a date that the clerk’s office is inaccessible, the taxpayer qualifies for extended filing relief even though electronic option had been available on the due date
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